Founded by two friends based in Barcelona, who shared a vision of bringing to life an environmentally conscious, contemporary brand with carefully designed silhouettes for a modern woman.


OceaLah is an eco-friendly swimwear brand that uses recycled high quality materials. We believe in three dimensional responsibility – we trust in sustainable fashion, we cooperate with local manufacturers and we actively support Spanish foundation, that protects and restores sea life, to which we dedicate 1% of every purchase.


OceaLah is made for unique women, travelers and wonderers. For those who seek the perfect shade of turquoise water along coastlines all over the world.

OceaLah is #MadeForIslands, for all the flawless spots seekers, adventurers and sunbathing lovers.


A collection that offers freedom in mixing bras and bottoms according to different body shapes and styling preferences.

Mix and match your ideal bikini, that is comfortable, sustainable and stylish.